Written By: admin - Dec• 15•13

I’m going to be reworking the site again.  Sadly, I’d had problems getting into it to update it.  Every time I learn a bit of technology, it either changes or I get busy learning something else and end up forgetting what I knew on the last few things I worked on.  I’ve got notes on stuff everywhere these days.  It’s still a lot to remember, and I’m creating characters with problems every day!  And worlds, I’m creating worlds!

I’ve lately been itching to return to the world of the Rover.  Edgewick Lamplighter, Wick to his friends, has got a rich and varied world, as well as an adventurous life (though he would never want to embrace that), and there are yet stories to be told about him.  How did he and Craugh the wizard become friends?  What was in that mysterious package the Warden carried off in the first book?  How was it that Wick rescued Juhg?  How did Wick help Brant reclaim his ancestral lands in the Sweetgrass Valley?  What became of that mysterious cap that Wick put on during the cemetery puzzle?

Well, you see what I mean.

One of my favorite stories I want to tell is about when Wick met the Embyr again.  You see, he was simply reading in Hralbomm’s Wing, a Taurak Bleiyz romance if you must know, when the Embyr came calling on the Vault of All Known Knowledge…

The Rover